Dear Friends,

St. Michael’s Church is located in the very heart of the North Clinton Avenue community. We are at the center of a very exciting and promising renewal effort that is attracting new people, new programs, and new ideas into the neighborhood. St. Michael’s is the spiritual home of many members of the community. We also find ourselves in the unique position of being the resident and service provider with the longest history in the North Clinton Avenue area.

St. Michael’s has carried on a wonderful, vibrant ministry for over one hundred and thirty years. We have always sought to serve the needs of the immigrant population that has settled here. Now we stand at the threshold of a dynamic new phase of our Christian witness. Because of our location, the good will and generosity of our people, and the unique resources that our buildings provide, we can now begin to reach out to those most in need with new ministerial offerings. We specifically look to target the disenfranchised, the alienated, along with those who may simply feel left behind as the world moves on.

Our outreach efforts are aimed at both young and old. Our ministry to the sick and the homebound involves volunteers from both our Hispanic and Anglo members. They visit hospitals, nursing homes as well as private residents. Our original school building which has been turned into Senior Housing was expanded with an additional building that was added at the rear of our parking lot in 2007.  The security and family atmosphere our Senior Housing provides to its residents is enhanced by living in the shadow of our church.

In exploring the best use of the “Parish House” (formerly the rectory) we have, in cooperation with Generations Child and Eldercare, renovated the space and opened a Universal Pre-K program and an After School program. With the help of grants and generous volunteer labor from throughout the community, we recently added two beautiful playgrounds to our campus for toddler and school aged children. There is also the concept of Eldercare which will soon open. Eldercare will provide socialization and meals along with the opportunity for interaction with the youth at the center. This facility is totally bi-lingual and when operating at full capacity serves 79 children and 10 seniors. It is a warm environment in a historic building that served as the residence to countless clergy over the last 130 years.

The Generations phone number is: 613-7550.

The website is:

We have taken down the building which formerly housed the Spanish Apostolate in order to begin our daycare project. The library for the Apostolate is still housed on our campus in the room next to our chapel. We have also purchased the corner lot from the city to allow expanded parking near the church.  We have, as well, hopes of a future Firefighters Memorial dedicated to the Rochester Fire Department.

We have, since the tragedy of 9/11, been a spiritual home to the Rochester Fire Department, hosting the Firefighters’ Mass each year. These brave men and women have a particular challenge in our neighborhood because of narrow streets and 19th century buildings. We support their efforts and ask for God’s protection for them always.

Our financial resources are limited and our renovation efforts extensive. Through the generosity of the diocese we have, in recent years, begun a large effort to restore the church, parish house and parish hall. We hold church history- based “Second Sunday Tours” in order to inform the greater community of the architectural jewel that is St. Michael’s Church.

We can use every bit of support that one can offer. May I ask you to consider a few requests? First, please pray that what we do together is always in accord with God’s will. Second, please bring your ideas and collective wisdom to me or one of my staff members. We’ll be happy to bring your thoughts to the discussion table. Third, I pray that you’ll join with your sisters and brothers in working together for a new day for all of God’s children. God gave us our talents; may we always use them to their fullest! Lastly, please be as generous as possible. Your financial help will go a long way toward making all of our hopes and dreams become realities.

May the Lord continue to bless all of you and provide for all your needs! Thank you for being part of this community of faith! Let us always work together to “build God’s Kingdom” in urban Rochester!


Deacon Dan Hurley

Pastoral Administrator